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Our Standards Are Clear

No mobile home community is perfect.  In fact, the properties with problems often present the best opportunity.  We are open to properties with problems, and are willing to trade a disadvantage in one characteristic if there is some type of strength elsewhere.

Our ideal property has between 30 to 200 units, but we will consider other sizes.  We cannot go below 30 units unless the property is near one of our other communities.

Communities that we invest in can includes small towns to large metropolitan areas if the nearby population is at least 50,000.  The median house price in the area should be $80,000 or more.

When examining a potential acquisition, we consider the cost of apartment rents and single family homes in the same market.  The market must support a lot rent that is lower than the market rent for a 2 bedroom apartment and the mobile home payment combined with lot rent must be less than a 3 bedroom apartment or house rent payment.

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