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  • Michael O'Connor

Indiana Dealership License Granted to mPark Homes

The Indiana Secretary of State Auto Dealer Services section has granted mPark Homes a dealership license to sell brand new manufactured homes in the State of Indiana. mPark is initially franchised to sell Adventure Homes, from Garrett Indiana, but will be carrying other brands in the future including Legacy and Tru by Clayton.

Although manufactured homes are semi-permanently installed on foundation piers and their wheels and tires are removed, they are considered to be "motor vehicles" by the State of Indiana. Because of that, anybody selling a brand new home must be licensed by the state Auto Dealer Services.

This new license allows our company to infill vacant lots in our communities throughout Indiana and to replace abandoned and dilapidated units. Over time, the appearance and quality of our communities will be improved with newer stock to replace aging units.

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