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Cash Distribution to Investors Announced

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

mPark Partners today announced it has issued a cash distribution to investors in its mobile home park investment fund. Investors should expect to receives checks by mail by July 15.

This marks the 14th consecutive cash distribution issued by the company. "Despite the global pandemic, we are continuing to see strong rent collections, and have not missed a single distribution payment. This can be partly attributed to the fact that many of our tenants are on government subsidies, including social security and due to the support of government stimulus checks. Additionally, the State of Indiana has launched a $25 million rental assistance fund to help renters who are struggling to make rent payments due to the novel coronavirus.

With the reopening of the global economy, we are anticipating rent collections to remain strong," according to company spokesperson, Michael O'Connor. For more information on mPark Partners and its investment funds, contact us at 302-336-8775.

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