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  • Michael O'Connor

Regency Mobile Home Park Will Begin Submetering Water & Sewer Services to Conserve Resources

Today we are announcing plans to submeter each of the homes at the Regency Mobile Home Park. Currently the park is not metered and all utilities are paid by the landlord and included as part of the rent.

By submetering and billing tenants for actual utility usage, it is anticipated that water consumption will be reduced. In prior projects, we have found as much as a 41% reduction in consumption within weeks after installing submetering equipment. Without this equipment, leaks have gone for months or years without detection.

There are two drivers to reduced consumption. First, the meters will allow us to identify major leaks or trickle leaks, which can be repaired. For example, if somebody has a toilet that leaks 2 gallons per hour, they may not know if, but our meters can identify that situation. Second, because tenants will be responsible to pay for their own usage, they will think twice before wasting water.

We will be installing Metron wifi enabled water meters that read consumption hourly. The meter reads will be uploaded to a monitoring portal that will automatically notify our office if any particular home is experiencing a leak.

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