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  • Michael O'Connor

Wifi Water Meters to be Installed at Lakeview in Converse, Indiana

The water meters at the Lakeview Mobile Home Park in Converse, Indiana will be replaced with new wireless electronic smart meters from Metron Farnier. These new meters allow us to read water usage every hour and upload the readings to an internet based reporting portal.

This new system provides many advantages. First, but not relying on a meter reader to walk around and read each meter, the reads are more consistent. Second, in the winter months, meters are often not read because they are covered in snow and cannot be located. Wireless meters are not affected by snow. Lastly, by allowing us to read meters hourly, we can proactively identify water issues before they become a problem. For example a $100 per day water leak can be identified before it becomes a $3,000 problem 30 days from now.

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